SCAPE Bin-Picker

Scape Bin-Picker: Complete and Standardized Solution 

The industry is currently experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 50 years. The need for automated bin-picking is urgent. In the US, where 38% of the manufacturing labor force moves parts between bins and manufacturing machines, 500,000 jobs remain unfilled. The automation industry is trying to meet that need and only few, such as Scape, have managed to solve the problem of bin-picking.

Scape provides a complete, reliable, cost-effective and flexible SCAPE Bin-Picker system, which is a safe automation solution for a wide range of bin-picking tasks.

Scape Bin-Picker Takes Care of All the Critical Steps

•    Recognizing parts in the bin
•    Selecting and picking parts from the bin
•    Planning the optimal path for robot motion 
•    Ensuring part orientation for precision delivery
•    100% precision delivery of parts 

The standardized SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution is scalable and flexible for performing complex Bin-Picking tasks 24/7.  

The SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution is applicable for all types of parts and is used across robot brands with 6-axis arm e.g. ABB, KUKA, FANUC, Universal Robots, Kawasaki, and Yaskawa.

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