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Introducing Bin-Picking as a Service
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The SCAPE Easy Picker – Your Way to Easy Automation

Increase the productivity, improve the working environment and reduce manual, unattractive, repetitive tasks, which includes physically demanding and monotonous work, that can be detrimental to workers' health. Start with easy production automation today.

Plug & Pick Solution

The SCAPE Easy-Picker is set up quickly and works right out of the box to solve your pick & place needs. It is the easy, simple and cost-effective solution for a wide range of stacked, layered or random Bin-Picking tasks. This solution is ideal for automation in any industry - including small businesses or businesses without automation experience. It is especially used in situations where people perform manual, repetitive tasks, such as feeding parts from pallets or boxes into machines, fixtures or on conveyor belts.

All in One Package

All necessary hardware and software is included in the package and assembled for you to mount and start - within minutes.

SCAPE Easy-Picker complete solution that includes SCAPE Tool Unit with SCAPE Grid Scanner and grippers, PC, Cast Station for calibration, SCAOE Orientation Control.


High Performance Meets Simplicity

The SCAPE Easy-Picker is not only the most user-friendly solution on the market, but also provides the highest level of customizability, flexibility, reliability and precision. Regardless of the robot model, cell configuration or application requirements, the SCAPE Easy-Picker can always be integrated into any production or warehousing system. With our add-ons and upgrades for the SCAPE Easy-Picker, you can go all the way from the first stages of automation to sophisticated Bin-Picking solutions that are used in high-end production environments.



Scan Part Yourself - No Cad Models Needed!

If you do not have CAD models of your parts, you can use the SCAPE Easy-Picker to acquire the image data of your part and automatically calculate a CAD model. See how easy this is done:



Easy & Simple Pick & Place Solution:


  1. Simple setup within 20 minutes.
  2. Easily and quickly train your parts.
  3. Setup your workflow in our industry leading software.
  4. Watch your robot pick & deliver parts with unmatched speed, accuracy and reliability!


Easy & Intuitive Part Training Software

The SCAPE Part Training Studio is the easiest and most intuitive Part Training Software available for Pick & Place and Bin-Picking on the market - and it is included for free with your SCAPE Easy-Picker!

See more about SCAPE Part Training Studio here.


It is possible to upgrade the SCAPE Easy-Picker to the SCAPE Mini-Picker, with enhanced precision, functionality and flexibility!

SCAPE Tool Unit Compact with grippers and SCAPE Grid Scanner

SCAPE Tool Unit - Compact

Upgrade the Tool Unit to the SCAPE Mini-Picker Tool Unit - with 2 grippers (Suction Cup & Finger Gripper) and capabilities for parts up to 1kg. A full Tool Unit Controller with valves and bus-system is also included in this add-on.

Handling Station Tower with table for enhanced Orientation Control of objects before final delivery

Enhanced SCAPE Orientation Control

Lower cycle times and enhance the precision of the SCAPE Orientation Control with a stationary camera and lamps above the Handling Station with the SCAPE Mini-Picker! With this module, you can gurantee the highest level of reliable precision picks and utilize our AI recognition. We also offer the optimal hardware for mounting the camera and lamps.


More add-ons & upgrades are available upon request!


Order SCAPE Easy-Picker Today!
Introduction Price: € 9.495


The Cheap, Simple Plug & Pick Solution for Your Business. The SCAPE Easy-Picker is the ultimate starter kit for automation and Bin-Picking. It gets rid of the complicated setup and calibration of industrial Bin-Picking and gets your parts from wherever they are to wherever they need to go within minutes. Satisfied with your Easy-Picker or looking for bigger and more customized solutions? Check out how you can upgrade and add to your SCAPE Easy-Picker above or turn it into a SCAPE Mini-Picker or a full SCAPE Bin-Picker automation solution! Have a look at our SCAPE Bin-Picker Product overview.



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